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Hello! I'm Jenny

I am a professional diet and nutritional advisor living in Greece. Everything I write in this blog comes from knowledge and personal experience. I've been overweight in the past and I have seen results, both physically and psychologically, after much effort and countless failures. I did not quit, many people helped me, so I decided it’s time to share my experiences and knowledge 🙂

Have you ever felt resentment towards your body? Have you ever wished to be thinner, taller and more attractive?

Everyday we wake up and we face life with all the different situations that arise, pleasant or unpleasant. We eat, drink, shower, go to work, we take care of our families and we experience life through our senses. But what happens when we are unhappy and discontent with our body? Misery crops up, we often feel embarrassed and lots of us go on a strict diet. Sometimes we lose weight but later we gain it back. Other times we plan physical exercise but sooner or later we quit.

We don’t love our body and we always struggle with negative feelings towards it.

I used to be overweight for a long time. I was ashamed and always on different kind of strict diets. One day I said “enough”! So I started to accept my body the way it was. I took long walks, I ate my favorite food in small quantities, sometimes a small dessert, I started to love my body and take care of it. I lost 50 pounds and never took it back.

So I decided to help others love their body, get rid of all this resentment towards it and enjoy life. If you are reading this and you are unhappy about your appearance please relax and feel free to follow any diet on this blog and send me email with your questions or just to say hi. I can relate, I can help you and give you tips and advice how to relax, enjoy life and love your body.

I wish you all love and strength!

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