The main function of carbohydrates is to provide and store energy. All carbohydrate-rich foods contain B vitamins, which have energy functions and tone the nervous system. These foods are very suitable when there is stress, anxiety or nervousness.

Quinoa salad

A super healthy, light and delicious salad with quinoa, avocado and peppers. This salad is rich in vitamins, tastes amazing and it's perfect for vegans.

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Cereal bars

A healthy snack we can eat during the day. It is easy and tasteful. Recipe (serves 15) Ingredients: 3½ cup whole grain oat flakes. 1 cup chopped walnuts, almonds. 2 tbsps dried cranberries. ½ cup olive oil. ½ cup honey...

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Vegetable soup

This tasty homemade vegetable soup recipe features potatoes, onions, leeks, broccoli, celery, mushrooms, zucchini and small pasta for a quick and easy meal. We can prepare it the next day after a food binge. Recipe (Serves 4-6) Ingredients : 3-4...

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Spaghetti with vegetables

This is a very tasteful, simple and healthy recipe. Recipe (Serves 4-6) Ingredients : 1 pound spaghetti. 2 aubergines chopped into small cubes. 3 zucchini chopped into small cubes. 1 onion chopped. 4 tomatoes chopped into small cubes. 1 green...

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